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Axil Kollist World Peace Activist

Hi,  I’m Axil Kollist.  I am a peace activist.  I’ve been a peace activist since I was six years old.   Here’s why I became one:  When I was six years old my Mom was telling me about children who don’t feel safe and happy.   She told me about starving children and orphans and about children and adults around the world who don’t have the great life that I have.  My Mom showed me pictures of starving and sick children and it just broke my heart.  I decided I had to help them all.   So I began a ‘one kid crusade’ for World Peace.   My Mom and I decided to set a goal for World Peace Before 2021.   At that time, you’ll recall, I was six years old so that would give me 15 years.   I decided that I’d have to get billions of people worldwide working for and expecting World Peace Before 2021.   The plan developed.  I would distribute free stickers with the goal for World Peace Before 2021 and I’d start to sing my song “World Peace Before 2021.”

So, now it’s been five years since I began to spread the goal for World Peace Before 2021 and I think my message has reached about a million people.   I’ve distributed tens of thousands of free stickers and buttons worldwide.  Now my goal World Peace Before 2021” is being translated into many different languages.  My hope is that the goal and the song will be translated into every language on Earth.

While I continue to sing my song and distribute my stickers and buttons, I am now inviting my friends around the World to send me translations for “World Peace Before 2021.”   Click here to send me the way to write “World Peace Before 2021” in your language.  If you feel ambitious, translate the entire song for me and I’ll post it.   Please consider sending me a picture of you too.  (Kids definitely get a parent’s permission.)

My Mom told me that President John Kennedy set a goal that the USA land a Man on the Moon before 1970.  People didn’t think it could be done.  But with a lot of hard work, that ‘impossible’ goal was reached.  And just in time.. In July of 1969.   My goal for World Peace Before 2021 may seem impossible.. But really it isn’t!   Like my song says, “We know it can be done……….. World Peace Before 2021.”   Join the quest!  Peace Out, Axil Kollist


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