Bumper Stickers

Regarding our beautiful World Peace Before 2021 stickers and buttons:  We have distributed over 200,000 worldwide.  Our parents have paid for the huge expense.   Each sticker costs a quarter.  Each button costs a quarter.  Each envelope costs ten cents.  The postage was the greatest expense.  Our parents estimate they spent $200,000 which is about $30,000 per year.  Our mom is a nurse and spent most of her income supporting our quest for World Peace Before 2021.  We hoped we’d find a sponsor to pay for the distribution of the stickers and buttons but we have not.

We regret to say we can no longer send out our beautiful World Peace Before 2021 items for free.  If you would like us to send them to you, please contact us at worldpeacebefore2021@hawaii.rr.com    We can figure out something.

Peace Out, Erika and Axil
(Erika typing.  Axil supervising as usual. LOL.)