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Hi, I’m Axil Kollist. I am a peace activist. I’ve been a peace activist since I was six years old. Here’s why I became one: When I was six years old my Mom was telling my sister Erika and I about children who don’t feel safe and happy. She told us about starving children and orphans and about children and adults around the world who don’t have the great life that we have. Our Mom showed us pictures of starving and sick children and it just broke our hearts. We decided that we had to help them all. Our Mom and Erika and I decided to set a goal for World Peace Before 2021. At that time I was six years old so that would give us 15 years. The plan developed. We would distribute free stickers with the goal for World Peace Before 2021 and I’d start to sing my song “World Peace Before 2021.” Erika was 8 years old and, back then, she was too nervous and shy to sing with me but she was really devoted to spreading the goal. Finally, at the end of 2011, Erika overcame her shyness and began to sing with me. I’m really happy that she is! She has a very sweet voice.

So, now it’s been six years since Erika and I began to spread the goal for World Peace Before 2021 and we think our message has reached about about 3 million people. We’ve distributed tens of thousands of free stickers and buttons worldwide. Now our goal for World Peace Before 2021 is being translated into many different languages. Our hope is that the goal and the song will be translated into every language on Earth until billions of people worldwide are working for and expecting World Peace Before 2021.

President John Kennedy set a goal that the USA land a Man on the Moon before 1970. People didn’t think it could be done. But with a lot of hard work, that ‘impossible’ goal was reached. And just in time.. In July of 1969. Our goal for World Peace Before 2021 may seem impossible.. But really it isn’t! Like our song says, “We know it can be done……….. World Peace Before 2021.” Join the quest! Peace Out,  Axil Kollist


Erika and Axil in the early days of their quest - 2007


  1. April Gibson says:

    Hi Axil! I just wanted to say that I am so proud of you for what you are trying to achieve! I think you are amazing and have been sharing your story with friends and family. I truly hope you succeed in your quest at bring the people in this world together 🙂 You have truly inspired those around you! Stay strong!

    Love, April

    P.S. I received my bumper sticker today! After I wash my car, I will proudly display it for all to see.

  2. Brooke Montgomery says:

    Peace and love to you from Kentucky! Don’t ever give up hon! I wish there were more people like you in this world!

  3. Keep it up Axil! You are an inspiration for many children and adults around the world. My how ambitious you are! Way to go! It can be done!

    Love World Peace,

    Jilly : )

  4. You are thinking of others too Axil.That’s good. Millions of people are suffering in different parts of the world at this very second. If we can do at least this to help others we can do more and bring peace to our beautiful planet. God Bless You.



  6. Maria Bromwich says:

    You are so inspiring. I hope you reach your goal- you’ve made an awesome start on our behalf:)

    Good Luck from Australia xx

  7. Very good work really, as I said in my other comment, you’ve made your
    work go around the world but still much to do.

    Good luck from Sweden.

  8. Hi Axel i think that what your doing is great my teacher mr.goldman told me about you and your sister Erica i wich you both good luck and keep it up. 🙂
    love gema from hialeah, Florida
    p.s i cant to get my bumper sticker and my botton

  9. Its unbelievable!! two children against (almost teenagers) the problems that exits in the world.

    I think that you can be the next Cnn heroes in http://edition.cnn.com/SPECIALS/cnn.heroes/index.html

    Congratulations guys! If everyone in the world follow your example We can change the world better.

  10. Amanda lopez says:

    Hi Axil and Erika my teacher Mr. Goldman told me about what you guys are trying to do and accomplish and I think that’s great. Keep up the great work. P.S I love my button 😀
    sincerely Amanda, Hialeah Florida.

  11. You guys are awesome kind- hearted people. I love what you are doing for others to make the world a better place. I know there are lots of kind- hearted people out there that will support you and this great cause. I really hope world peace comes true it will make the world such a happy place. I wish you the best of luck!!!!!!!

  12. hi axil and erika what you guys are doing is a very good idea to make the world a better place and keep up with the good work and try your best to get the news around the world and with the bumper stickers and buttons is a great head start to what you guys are reaching to good luck you guys keep up with the good work
    sincerely daniela, hialeah,fl.

  13. Cindy Maldonado says:

    Axil and Erika you guys are amazing. I got my botton and I’m carrying every where in school. I hope with my heart that world peace comes true also.God makes everything possible; We only need to have faith that the world peace would come true. thank you axil and erika trying your best to get this world happy.With the help of God we are all going to make world peace come true.God Bless You!

    Love,cindy from M.A. Milam Hialeah Fl

  14. kasthurirangan says:

    Hello erika this is my new blog.Did you u like it? worldpeacebefore2021.blogspot.com.
    dont think i am competent to you i am one of your fan.reply must

  15. Rebecca says:

    It is extraordinary to see young people getting involved! I think its possible! I hope you are all blessed!

  16. Hi Axil and Erica received my bumper sticker today. Thanks a lot guys! I hope your goal is come true. GOD bless you!
    xoo from indonesia.

  17. Emily Miller says:

    I just put your sticker on my PT Cruiser! Love you, I hope all your hard work pays off, I’ll do my part! Good luck!

  18. rishie ramlal says:

    hey thank you for your bumber sticker its getting lots of notice, thank you again. GOD bless your efforts! hare krishna

  19. hello Axil we send many greetings from Venezuela and we can overcome nuetra goal and that all parts of the world and what God Pedan see what we can achieve MUNIAL PEACE BEFORE 2021 I speak Spanish

  20. It is so Absolutely possible with kids like Axil and Erika on the move.
    Live, Laugh, Love and Light.

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  22. Hi Axil and Erika.

    I wanted to send both of you a quick note to tell you I picked up one of your bumper stickers at the Fix Our World festival held this past weekend in Hamilton. While I don’t own a car, the sticker is safe and sound here in my office. I’ve also hit the LIKE button on Facebook, and am following Axil on Twitter.

    I’ll close off today by saying that what both of you are doing is wonderfuly inspirational. While I am currently finishing an accelerated degree program, after that I will be releasing my third book which amongst many things, encourages individuals to think, speak, and act in peace. The book’s title is “The Francis Affirmations” – an affirmation being something positive you repeat over and over to yourself until such a time that it becomes habit forming. When it comes to peace, it sounds like both of you are miles ahead of most of us. 🙂

    I wish you both nothing but the best, and I look forward to hearing more about your project in the months and years ahead via our social media connections. In peace I remain,

    Bryan Arndt,

  23. elvis peter says:

    Hi Axil nd Erika

    I am really happy for the work u guys are doing, am from India, am really
    motivated by u guys I really think you guy should visit India, here situation
    of woman nd children are pretty bad in rural areas. If you guys could make
    a change then that could change life of millions. Good luck for all your
    future endeavor..

    ps. I got ur cute bumper sticker.. 🙂

    Elvis peter

  24. taamart says:

    hii Axl and Erica.
    i live in morocco and i love world peace before 2021
    Thank you for the post.
    love aissam

  25. Hi Axil & Erika,

    Please accept love from India & loads of wishes for the quest you guys have initiated.

    We should spread peace & Love nothing else and this world would become truly a master piece.


  26. Lawrence Koss, M.Ed. says:

    So thrilled to see your commitment, Axil and Erika! Upon just now viewing your website, your sincerity and spirit gave me goosebumps. The possibilities you are setting in motion are unlimited – so much so, the “wave of change” that can occur from the vision and inspiration arising from children and families is powerful enough to redirect the largely patriarchal economic, political and media systems that have kept violence in place for so long.

    Keep on keeping on, if you would. You are unquestionably making a difference if you’ve reached 3M people thus far. INDEED, at some point perhaps you’ll consider making a TEDX/Maui presentation?

    Bless your hearts,


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