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Erika and Axil’s plan is to have their goal (and their song) translated into every language on Earth until billions of people worldwide are working for and expecting World Peace Before 2021.  Will you become an official translator for them?  Please send your translations to Axil and Erika and their personal email address and they’ll post your translation right on this page.  Let them know if you’d like to take credit for your translation.  If so provide your name and anything else you’d like to have posted.






Arabic Bumper Sticker 

Аксил и Эрика уже разослали десятки тысяч наклеек на бампер за последние шесть лет. Они надеются, что постепенно их послание будет переведено на все языки мира. Уже сейчас готовы наклейки на французском, испанском и арабском. Вы также можете помочь перевести или придумать новый дизайн наклеек и значков. Все предложения высылайте на e-mail и они будут выложены на этой странице.



  1. klevisson says:

    but how about Portuguese-Brazil (world peace before 2011).

  2. klevisson says:

    but how about Portuguese-Brazil ( paz mundial antes de 2011 ).

  3. Dr. HC Adams says:

    Axel is an incredible child with a heart of purity and love. I adore this creative and articulate artist. His message is simple and is critically important: Peace on earth before 2021. Mankind is in desperate need of peace, love, and joy. Let’s listen carefully to his wonderful message and eliminate hate, prejudice, greed, and war from our the earth.

  4. Philip Brocco says:

    Hi Axil & Jill,

    It has been Great to find Axil again on YouTube with his message; “World Peace Before 2021″ I was on MySpace for a few years and some changes happened on MySpace, I didn’t like, so I moved to Facebook. My Screen name is under SingingTimberwolf-Phil-Lover Of Horses (Philip Brocco) It was Great a couple years ago to get some stickers & Buttons for World Peace Before 2021. I am not really on MySpace anymore, but moved to Facebook! “SingingTimberwolf-Phil-Lover of Horses (Philip Brocco)

  5. Hi Axil! I’m very interested in your goal for World Peace Before 2021. I have never seen such talented kids like you! I am pleased to help you with translation and design. Only together can we achieve our common goal – world peace.

  6. Aloha Axil,
    Your an inspiration to all all of us in the peacebuilding field!

    Warmest Aloha on the path to peace!

    Peacebuilding practiioner

  7. Ema M Billings says:

    Aloha Axil,

    You are an inspiration to all of us in the peacebuilding field!

    Warmth and aloha on the path to peace!

    Peacebuilding Practitioner

  8. Robert Amore says:

    Thank You for your your Grace and Courage. Peace and Love to you and your family.

  9. Tim Webster says:

    We at Humanitarian Clowns are proud to support Axil’s campaign of creating World Peace 2021.
    On our next Humanitarian Trip to India, we will be supporting and distributing World Peace 2021 pins to some of India’s most disadvantaged Children and Communities. We are honoured to be able to assist Axil and create Peace by 2021. You are a champion my friend. I can not wait to show you the pictures.

  10. abdul Ibrahim says:

    Great job Axil and Erika. Me and my two kids support you. Here I put the translation in Arabic
    السلام العالمي قبل 2021

  11. Axil and Erika i translated in Tamil
    2021 முன் உலக சமாதானம்.

  12. Gokul.S says:

    Here is for Hindi (India’s national language ) 2021 से पहले दुनिया की शांति

  13. Gokul.S says:

    世界和平之前,2021 this is for Chinese

    Marathi Translation :धुनियाचेया स्व्त्तंत्र पहेले २०२१

    • Janet Chan says:

      That is very bad Chinese grammar. This is better.

      2010之前达到世界和平 (Simplified Chinese)
      2010之前達到世界和平 (Traditional Chinese)

  14. Gokul.S says:

    Norwegian translation : Verdensfred før 2021″

  15. Mixster says:

    In dutch (Netherlands) we say: Wereldvrede voor 2021!!

  16. Lintang SS says:

    Here is my translation in Indonesian:
    Sebelum 2012

  17. Lata Hada says:

    Bengali translation : 2021 আগে বিশ্ব শান্তি

    Gujarati translation : 2021 પહેલા વિશ્વ શાંતિ

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